Training Resource

This online resource in climate change adaptation has been developed to assist anyone interested in promoting adaptation and resilience within their community, sector, or field of expertise. The information contained in this resource will be of interest to spatial planners, environmental and sustainability policy makers, and those working in the fields of emergency planning and corporate strategy making. It has been developed with both public and private sector organisations in mind, such as:

  • Regional and local government
  • Central government departments and their agencies
  • NGOs and research organisations, including climate change partnerships
  • Businesses and service providers that are required to meet reporting requirements under their national Climate Change Acts

There are numerous web resources covering the causes and potential impacts of climate change and the need for adaptation. This resource however, focuses on the process of adaptation development and implementation, and as such, serves to:

  • Highlight difficulties in the development and implementation of adaptation measures
  • Enhance the development of planning tools and processes needed to achieve successful adaptation
  • Share best practice in communicating adaptation needs and processes
  • Provide guidance on incorporating climate change adaptation into existing planning processes


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